Term and Conditions

Date of last update: 3.3.2021

  1. Preface

1.1.    Welcome to Bat Sheva Hotel website – https://batshevahotel.com/, operated by Brener 21 boutique Ltd., co. no. 514824754 (hereinafter – the “Company”).

1.2.    The website offers its users, inter alia, the option to receive information, make reservations, purchase various products, and contact us.

1.3.    Use of the website is subject to the terms of use set forth hereafter (the “Terms of Use”). Please be sure to read the Terms of Use thoroughly and carefully. These terms will apply to any use made by you or by anyone on your behalf of the website and it will form the legal basis for any discussion between you and/or anyone on your behalf and the Company and/or anyone on its behalf. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, in whole or in part, you are requested to cease using the website.

1.4.    For the purposes of these Terms of Use, the term “User/s” or “Customer/s “shall be defined as follows – any person, or corporation, who makes any use of the website, including performing actions through the website, all subject to the fulfillment of the cumulative conditions set forth hereafter: (a) He is legally competent according to law to perform binding legal actions; (b) He has a valid and recognized Israeli or international credit card that charges a bank account in Israel, and he will use this card to make any reservation on the website, to the extent that the Company accepts such a card; and (c) He has an active email address on the internet. It will be clarified that the Company is not required to work with all credit card companies, and payment will not be accepted on any card. For additional clarifications, you are welcome to contact our customer service center mentioned in section 7 hereafter.

1.5.    If you are a minor (under the age of 18) or if you are not entitled to perform legal actions without the consent of a guardian – you are required to inform your parents and/or your legal guardian about the provisions of these Terms of Use and obtain their approval to perform any activity, of any kind, in the framework of the website. The guardian has the responsibility to inform the minor who wishes to browse the website about the regulations and to supervise the minor’s activities in order to ensure that such activities are performed in accordance with the Terms of Use.

1.6.    The Terms of Use are worded in the masculine gender for convenience only. The Terms of Use should be regarded as referring to both the male and female gender and singular shall also refer to plural, mutatis mutandis and as far as the context of the matter allows this.

1.7.    The Company reserves the right to update, change, cancel, suspend, delete and/or add from time to time any part of the Terms of Use, without the need to obtain the consent of the Users and at its sole and absolute discretion. You are fully responsible to keep up to date with the changes as they shall appear from time to time. The updated Terms of Use will be binding from the moment they are published on the website and without the need for prior notice. Continued use of the website constitutes your consent to all terms of these Terms of Use.


2. Use of the Website

2.1.    The browsing and use of the website, the services, information, and content offered on it are solely for legal objectives and for the objectives for which the website is intended, for the personal use of the User only and no other use, commercial or otherwise it is permitted.

2.2.    It is prohibited to perform any action that may constitute a violation of the provisions of these Terms of Use and/or the provisions of the law and/or that may derogate from any of the rights of the Company and/or any other third party and/or that may harm the website.

2.3.    Without derogating from any other legal right available to it, the Company reserves the right to temporarily and/or permanently suspend and/or block the access of any of the Users of the website, in accordance with its sole discretion and without the need to justify this. Without derogating from the generality of the statements in this section, the Company is entitled to prevent a User from making any use of the website (including re-use) in cases where the User: (a) has breached any of these Terms of Use; (b) has violated a legal obligation in connection with his use of the website; or (c) has knowingly provided to the Company and/or to anyone on its behalf incorrect or outdated information when opening an account/ making a reservation/ in the framework of purchasing services or products offered on the website and/or any contractual engagement or litigation with the Company and/or anyone on its behalf.

2.4.    The name of the website, its domain name, and the content appearing on the website (visual or content related), including the wording of these regulations are the exclusive property of the Company, or the Company has been given the right to use them by legal owners, and they may not be used without receiving the prior written consent of the Company.

2.5.    The Company will not be liable for any damage, loss, expense or loss caused to the Users of the website and/or to any third party as a direct or indirect result of using the website.


3.  Making Reservations on the Website and their Cancellation

3.1.    A User who wishes to reserve a vacation or any other service offered by the Company on the website, will do so through the website’s reservation system, choosing the preferred vacation/ package, date and number of guests. Additional details and information such as room reception hours and room departure times, different settings for the number of guests (baby and child), will appear in the reservation system, and the User must verify and check them.

3.2.   When making a reservation, the User will be required to enter certain details such as name, telephone and email address, some of which constitute “personal information” as defined in the Privacy Protection Law. Before you enter this information, carefully read the Privacy Policy on our website, and you will be required to confirm your agreement to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

3.3.    You are required to give us only correct and accurate details. To the extent that you violate this instruction, the Company will be entitled to delete your registration and/or not to provide you with the products / services ordered by you, and this is without derogating from any of the legal rights it will have against you for such violation.

3.4.    It is clarified that providing such details is not mandatory, however not providing them may result in the unavailability of a particular service or action that you request to perform on the website.

3.5.    After selecting the requested product/ service and entering the details by the User, the User will be asked to enter credit information. The credit will be cleared by a third party, and will be used for security of payment only. The User will be required to physically make payment for the User’s reservation upon arrival at the hotel, unless otherwise specifically specified. It will be possible to pay at the hotel by a different means of payment accepted by the Company than the one entered on the website when making the reservation. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, it is possible that in certain cases it will be stated before making the reservation, that the Company will require some advance payment to be made already at the time of making the reservation on the website.

3.6.    When making a reservation on the website, the credit card details of the User used in processing the reservation, will be checked and upon receipt of confirmation by the credit card company, an appropriate notice will be given that the transaction has been approved or denied. If it was approved, the reservation will be registered on the Company’s computers and a confirmation message will be sent to the Customer that the reservation was received on the website, along with the reservation number and reservation details. It is clarified and emphasized that only a confirmation regarding the execution of a reservation that was received in the Customer’s e-mail that includes the relevant reservation details, including the reservation number, the Customer’s details and reservation details, will constitute confirmation of receipt of the reservation by the Company. As long as no confirmation has been received from the credit card company, and no such confirmation has been sent, the reservation by the Customer will not be valid. It will also be clarified that regarding ordering services such confirmation does not constitute proof of the actual confirmation of the reservation, since it will be conditional on actual payment on the day of arrival to the hotel.

3.7.    In the event that the reservation is not confirmed by the credit card company the Customer will be required to contact the Company’s Customer Service by telephone in order to arrange the reservation.

3.8.    The User has the sole responsibility to check the details of the reservation as delivered to the email address that was entered at the time of its execution, and to verify that they match the reservation made on the website. As long as the User has not contacted the Company through the Company’s email or phone number mentioned in section 7 hereafter, in order to correct any error in the details of his reservation within 48 hours from the date of receipt of the confirmation email as mentioned (provided that the reservation was not made less than six days before the date of arrival), the reservation details will be considered as fully confirmed by him and he will be barred from claiming against the Company that they are incorrect, inconsistent or inaccurate.

3.9.    On the day of arrival at the hotel, and in connection with any inquiries regarding the reservation made, the reservation number must be provided as sent to the email address entered when making the reservation.

3.10.                     The prices on the website include VAT. An exemption from paying VAT will be given to a guest who does not hold Israeli citizenship and according to law.

3.11.                     After making the reservation, in addition to the reservation details, the User will also receive a personal link to perform a digital reservation confirmation (online check-in), partially or fully, as an alternative to confirmation the reservation upon arrival at the hotel. Using this method will require the User’s signature, entering the ID card and additional details, as required when confirming the reservation upon arrival at the hotel. It is clarified that the service is optional for the User’s choice and convenience.

3.12.                     A User who has not yet checked-in online as set forth in section 3.11 above, will receive an SMS message three days before arriving at the hotel with a link to check- in online, and an additional notice (if not previously performed) 24 hours before arriving at the hotel.

3.13.                     The Company will have the right not to confirm or accept a reservation made on the website, for any reason and at its sole discretion, without being required to provide reasons for the decision. In such case, an appropriate refusal notice will be sent to the email that was entered when attempting to make the reservation on the website.

3.14.                     Without derogating from the generality of the provisions of section 3.13 above, the Company shall have the right not to accept or to cancel any reservation, in any of the following cases:

3.14.1.    It became clear that there was an error in providing the identification information and/or information required to make a purchase on the website.

3.14.2.    It became clear that there was a typographical error or technical problem in displaying the details of the products or the services and/or the price and/or other details.

3.14.3.    It became clear that there was a communication malfunction and/or another technical problem that affected the proper purchase process.

3.14.4.    It became clear that illegal activity occurred during the sale on the part of any party.

3.14.5.    At the reasonable discretion of the Company, a suspicion arose that the consideration for the products or services would not be paid at all or would not be paid in full and on time.

3.15.                     Except on certain dates, in respect of which the Company will decide from time to time and inform the Customer in advance before making a reservation on the website, the Customer will have the right to cancel his reservation up to 72 hours before the date of his arrival at the hotel, without a cancellation fee.

3.16.                     A reservation will be considered canceled only if confirmation of cancellation of the reservation has been received from the Company.

3.17.                     A Customer who wishes to change the details in his reservation (for example, the desired number of guests and rooms or the date of his arrival), is required to contact the Company in one of the ways specified in section 7 hereafter. The approval of a change will be subject to availability and prior approval of the Company. It is clarified that, generally, it will not be possible to change the date of a reservation, to the extent that it was requested less than 72 from the original planned arrival date at the hotel.

3.18.                     The Customer is aware that the hotel’s occupancy is limited, and reservations are made on the basis of vacancies only, as available at the time of the actual reservation.

3.19.                     It is clarified that the aforesaid regarding the cancellation of the reservations applies to a single reservation only (up to three rooms) and not to a group reservation (over three rooms). In a group reservation the Company will be entitled to charge a cancellation fee. For details regarding the cancellation fee in a group reservation, you must contact the Company’s customer service.


4.  Liability regarding Use of the Website

4.1.    The use of the content and/or services presented on the website will be made under the sole responsibility of the User.

4.2.    The Company will not be liable in connection with errors caused to the User as a result of using the website, including malfunctions in the operating system and/or in any software on the electronic device from which the website was entered and/or any hardware problem and/or viruses and/or hostile software or any other software discovered or that will be found in the electronic device from which the website was entered as a result of using the website and/or any communications problem or data transfer problem that will temporarily or permanently prevent the use of the website and/or the quality or speed of use of the website.

4.3.    You undertake to browse the website in accordance with the provisions of the law and not to perform any intrusion and/or disruption and/or assist in such actions. Please note that intrusion into the computer systems of the website and/or of the Company constitutes a criminal offense.

4.4.    The prices that appear on the website are set by the Company or (as applicable) by external suppliers, and they may change from time to time, without prior notice. The binding price will be the one that will be presented to the Customer when he actually makes his reservation on the website.

4.5.    The continuous use of the website depends, inter alia, on the availability, proper order and survivability of the internet and/or (as applicable) the cellular communications network, which is sometimes and/or in some of the areas in the State of Israel incomplete and not continuous. The Company, its managers, employees and all those acting on its behalf, shall not be liable for any loss, expense, or damage, including special, consequential or indirect damage, caused in connection with the activity or inactivity of the website or its supporting software, including (and without derogating) in connection with an error, malfunction or technical or other failure in viewing the information or in receipt of the information by the Company.

4.6.    The website may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors (including errors in displaying product descriptions, content regarding products, their price, etc.) and others. The User declares that he is aware that mistakes, impairments and errors in the content cannot be completely prevented.

4.7.   All the visual content on the website is for illustration purposes only, and for giving a general impression to the User. There may be inconsistencies or changes between the appearance displayed on the website and its actual appearance.

4.8.    The Company takes measures to ensure safe browsing for the User, however the Company cannot guarantee complete immunity against attempts to penetrate the Company’s systems and/or unauthorized intrusion into the website and/or disruptions that will be caused to the computer systems and/or to the proper operation of the website.

4.9.    The User hereby undertakes to indemnify the Company and/or anyone on its behalf for any damage, loss, loss of profit, payment or loss that it will incur as a result of a violation of these Terms of Use by him and/or by anyone on his behalf.

4.10.                     The Company will, from time to time, allow the use of certain third-party vouchers in order to make reservations or purchases on the website. It is clarified that use of the voucher will be under the sole responsibility of the User and subject to the Terms of Use applicable to that same voucher. The Company may discontinue the option of using certain vouchers at its sole discretion at any time (however, it will honor reservations made through vouchers to the extent that at the time of making the reservation it was possible to make the reservation using a voucher).


5. Gift Card

5.1.    The Company allows the purchase of gift cards for certain services or products on the website, as will be updated on the website from time to time.

5.2.    The Company may at any time stop the sale of gift cards on the website for any reason or add to the gift cards additional options for realization, in accordance with the sole and absolute discretion of the Company.

5.3.    You can realize the full amount on the gift card, or any part of it.

5.4.    The realization of the gift card on the website is performed as a credit transaction.

5.5.    The realization of the gift card will be valid until the date specified in it, and the Company may not allow the realization of a card on the website or at the hotel after such date.

5.6.    It will not be possible to receive change for using only on part of the specified value of the gift card. Furthermore, it is not possible to convert a gift card into cash or anything else.

5.7.    The Company is not responsible for the realization of a lost, stolen or forged gift card.

5.8.    Without derogating from the Company’s ability to change the Terms of Use from time to time, it is clarified that the Company or anyone on its behalf will be entitled to determine new terms regarding gift cards that were purchased after the publication of the new terms.

5.9.    In any case of conflict between the provisions of the Terms of Use and the purchase instructions of the gift card or the instructions appearing on the back of the card, the provisions appearing in the Terms of Use shall prevail.


6. Information given by Users of the Website and its Security

6.1.    As explained above, in the framework of using the website, you may be required to fill in certain details (for example: first name and last name, cell phone number and e-mail address (“Personal Details”). It is emphasized again that you are not required to give these Personal Details and this depends on your own free will only. However, without providing the Personal Details, we may not be able to respond to your request in a particular matter.

6.2.    To the extent that you choose to provide personal or other information, this information is required to be correct and up to date. Deliberately providing false information is strictly prohibited. Legal proceedings may be initiated against those submitting false information, for damage that may be caused by this to the Company and/or anyone on its behalf.

6.3.    The Company may use any personal information or Personal Details you provide to it in the framework of your use of the website, in accordance with the Company’s privacy protection policy that appears on the website – for more information click here.


7. Miscellaneous

7.1.    A User who is a member of the “jacob People” Customer Club and who will identify himself on the website as such, will be entitled to benefit from special offers, benefits and discounts for club members only. For the avoidance of doubt it is clarified that identifying a User by another person’s name or presenting personal details that are not the User’s real details for the purpose of identifying as a member of the Customer Club for receiving benefits, is prohibited and it is, inter alia, in violation of the provisions of the Terms of Use and in violation of the provisions of the regulations of the “Jacob People” Customer Club.

7.2.    Use of the website by a member of the Customer Club is subject to the provisions of the regulations of the Customer Club – for more information click here.

7.3.    The Company operates a number of social media accounts, including a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. The User declares and agrees that uploading an image, content or post on any social media by the User, with tagging / tag @batshava  or #batsheva, or indicating the location of Jerusalem, will allow the Company to copy the same said content, and make any derivative work of it and to use it for its commercial and marketing purposes in a variety of media and platforms, and this is without requiring prior approval from the User and without paying any royalties for that same use, and the User gives the Company a free usage license as mentioned.

7.4.    The law that applies to these Terms of Use and all that derives from them is Israeli law only. The competent courts in Tel Aviv – Jaffa shall have exclusive jurisdiction in connection thereof.


8. Customer Service

For details and inquiries as well as questions regarding the website and/or the provisions of these Terms of Use, you can contact our Customer Service Department by email at info@jacobrhotels.com or by telephone number 04- 8866705 on Sundays – Thursdays that are not holidays, between the hours of 09:00- 16:00.

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